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 The Simple Way To Save Print and Online Offers On Your Mobile Device





Why clip or print when you can scan?
Finally, a QR code that gives you what you want when you scan offer!


Your personal offer organizer.
Let SimpleSavr do the work for you.  SimpleSavr automatically stores and organizes the offers you've scanned into categories, for access whenever you need them.


Managing digital offers just got easy. 
SimpleSavr gives you the power to manage the app.  Set up expiration push-notification alerts, sort by merchant name or expiration date, view by category, and even set your offers to automatically delete on expiration.



Find an offer fast!
Lots of offers stored?  No problem.  SimpleSavr allows you to search for your offers by merchant name or the offer name so you can quickly access them for redemption.  Start typing and SimpleSavr will quickly pull up your offer.


Merchant approved.
We partner with merchants so that redeeming your digital offer is a smooth process.  Choose the offer you want to use from the app, show the merchant your promo code or bar code and enjoy your savings!

How It Works


SimpleSavr removes the hassle of having to cut, print, store, and remember your offers. Just download the app and scan the SimpleSavr QR code.


SimpleSavr offers are stored on your phone so you’ll never forget them. Each offer is automatically categorized and easily accessible when you need it.


SimpleSavr gives you the power to search, sort and delete your offers. It also allows you to adjust your notification times to alert you when your offers are about to expire.


SimpleSavr offers are easy to redeem.  Simply choose the offer you want to use from the app, select the ‘Tap For The Code’ button, and show it to the cashier.



Transform Your Print and Online Marketing Into

Redeemable Mobile Offers



Using next generation QR codes, SimpleSavr easily turns your print and online marketing into redeemable mobile offers to help incentivize consumers to visit your store.

SimpleSavr can transform any of these marketing platforms into a mobile offer to help increase brick & mortar retail foot traffic:

  • Coupons or Flyers
  • Magazines or Newspapers
  • Store Receipts
  • Sporting Event Programs
  • Store Front Banners
  • Merchandise
  • Company Website
  • Online Print-At-Home Offers
  • Online Search Ads
  • Online Display Ads
  • Social Networks




How SimpleSavr Helps You

The SimpleSavr team set out to develop two products to help drive more customers for merchants and improve the offer experience for consumers:

  • For Merchants: We developed MOCA, an easy-to-use advertising platform, to help transform your traditional print marketing into mobile ready offers


  • For Consumers: We developed an easy-to-use mobile app to help your customers transfer your print offer to their phones at lightning speed!


Together, the MOCA platform and SimpleSavr app brings merchants and consumers in-sync and allows for a more valuable experience for both.




Work With SimpleSavr

We believe that working closely with merchants will yield the best results.  The benefits of working with SimpleSavr include:


  • No upfront costs. Pay-for-performance. : You only pay a small fee when a customer interacts with your print marketing (scans the QR code)


  • Data insights to help you better understand your customers : Insights show you where, when, and what types of print marketing your customers are scanning to help improve distribution strategies


  • White glove, hands on service : The SimpleSavr team will set up your offer campaigns for you and are always available for support.


  • Improved offer experience : With SimpleSavr, your static print marketing and online efforts will transform into mobile offers, giving you more control over the user experience.


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About Us

Our Story

SimpleSavr was founded with the vision of simplifying and transforming the coupon experience for both merchants and consumers. With that vision in mind, our team set out to make couponing easier by transforming traditional based coupons into beautiful, redeemable, mobile coupons.

For merchants, we created the MOCA (Merchant Online Coupon Ads) platform that quickly transforms print coupons to digital.

For consumers, we created the SimpleSavr app because we know first hand how difficult couponing can be.  Our wives are what we like to call “semi-extreme couponers”.  They painstakingly spend an hour or more every week organizing their binders both by category and expiration dates (pulling out expired coupons and filing new ones).  But why have a 10lb binder when you can have a mobile app that will automatically store, organize, and let you easily manage those print coupons (sort, search, etc) all in one place?

At SimpleSavr, we support both the merchant and consumer.  We’re helping to bridge the gap between old and new technologies so that both groups will benefit and see the value that our solutions bring.

SimpleSavr…Scan. Redeem. Save.


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