Infographic: Rise Of The Mobile Coupon Redemption

As consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile phones, mobile coupons have become a natural extension for print and mail marketing from merchants. However, mobile coupons are a much bigger opportunity than most merchants realize. Click here to view SimpleSavr’s infographic ‘Rise Of The Mobile Coupon Redemption': Mobile Coupons Infographic  

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Coupons? Coupons? We’re Talking About Coupons?

In a recent Exact Target white paper that I read on Mobile Behavior, there was a fascinating theme throughout the report……consumers want coupons when they opt-in or subscribe to a brand’s communications.  Yes, I know, “a real shocker” right? According to the survey in the white paper, the #1 reason why consumers opt in to Keep Reading ..


Welcome To SimpleSavr

WELCOME TO SIMPLESAVR SimpleSavr is a mobile coupon application and platform company that provides digital coupon solutions for merchants and consumers.  We set out to make couponing easier by transforming traditional based coupons into beautiful, redeemable, mobile coupons. We chose to focus on mobile coupons because mobile is the driving force of the current coupon industry.  When Keep Reading ..