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Innovating On Search With Next Generation QR Codes

At SimpleSavr, we’re always brainstorming new ways in which our mobile marketing solution could be leveraged for helping merchants and consumers.

Recently, the topic of search came up and we discussed how our next generation QR codes (that send users directly into our app as opposed to a web site) could be used to:

1. Improve search results for users

2. Drive up in-store traffic for retailers/merchants

These days, search engines provide the ability to add deep/quick links (usually the 4-6 links you see below the sponsored search ad) and sometimes offer images you can add to the search results.  Because of this, we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if searchers could simply take an action within the search result itself instead of being redirected to the advertiser’s web site?

Below is what we came up with as an example.

– Using Bing/Yahoo’s deep links within a paid search ad, a retailer can easily offer a coupon directly from the ad itself (ex: Click For $5 Off Coupon) depending on the keyword/phrase being searched on.

– A click on the coupon link would bring up a drop down revealing the coupon ad and our next generation QR code.

– Upon scanning the QR code using the SimpleSavr app, the coupon would zip directly into the app for use at any time by the consumer (the resulting SimpleSavr mobile coupon view is on the right).

SimpleSavr Search Example

The advantage for the consumer is that they quickly get what they want based on what they’re searching for.  In this case, they’re not running around doing an internet treasure hunt for something as simple as finding a coupon (I dare you to easily find a coupon when searching on Google or Yahoo or Bing).  Also, the user gets a mobile wallet experience which stores their coupons automatically, offers expiration alerts, search, etc.

The advantage for the retailer/merchant is they make their customers happy by providing them with exactly what they were searching for.  Plus, by pushing consumers to mobile coupons, they should see an increase with in-store traffic (as mobile coupons generate 10x the redemption rate of paper coupons).

For the search engines, they still get paid by the advertiser.  That click on the deep link ensures that the pay-per-click model stays alive.

Sure, the consumer would need to download SimpleSavr’s app in order to leverage the unique QR code experience.  But if multiple retailers/merchants were within SimpleSavr’s partner nextwork, you start to see the ease of use across many different search applications.

While it’s just a mock up we kicked around, it would work if it were live today.

SimpleSavr Team