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SimpleSavr is a mobile coupon application and platform company that provides digital coupon solutions for merchants and consumers.  We set out to make couponing easier by transforming traditional based coupons into beautiful, redeemable, mobile coupons. We chose to focus on mobile coupons because mobile is the driving force of the current coupon industry.  When looking at data over the past several years, we noticed a handful of powerful themes:

  • Revenue Growth: Revenue generated from mobile coupons will be $43 billion by 2016
  • User Growth: By 2019, there will be 1 billion mobile coupon users
  • Redemption Growth: Redemption rate jumps 10x when a coupon is leveraged on a mobile device.
  • Consumers Love Coupons: When consumers opt-in to communicate with a brand (whether it be for text, email, social, push notifications, or scanning QR codes), their #1 reason for opting in was to receive coupons & deals.


Here’s the problem though.  While 80-90% of consumers still use the printed Free Standing Inserts (FSIs) from their newspapers or mailboxes to redeem, their usage only translates to a 1-2% redemption rate.  So the question becomes, “How does SimpleSavr take a consumer from using a printed coupon that yields a 1-2% redemption rate and transform them into a consumer that uses a mobile coupon with a 10-20% redemption rate?”

You make it simple for the consumer to get the printed coupon onto their mobile device.


MOCA (Merchant Online Coupon Ads) is a platform that was developed to allow the merchant to create, manage, and analyze their mobile coupon campaigns.  Once the merchant creates their coupon campaign (by simply mimicking a current or new print campaign) they receive a QR code.  They simply place the QR code onto their printed coupons and that coupon is now ready to be scanned by the SimpleSavr app for redemption.

The SimpleSavr App allows the consumer to scan, store, manage, and redeem their coupons.  There’s no manual clipping, storing, or saving to do.  Simply scan the SimpleSavr marked QR code from the printed coupon and the app does the rest of the work such as categorizing, auto deleting, sending expiration notifications, etc.  QR codes are by far the fastest and easiest way to turn a printed coupon into a mobile coupon.


We believe that by making it easier for consumers to receive and redeem coupons via mobile and making it simple for merchants to create mobile coupons, then it’s a win/win situation.  Consumers scan and redeem more coupons while the merchant generates more revenue because they’re getting more foot traffic.

To get started…

Consumers: Download the SimpleSavr App by clicking the ‘Get The App’ button at the top of this page.

Merchants: To find out how to transform your coupon circulars into beautiful mobile coupons, select the ‘Merchants’ link at the top of the page to reach out to us.


The SimpleSavr Team